We offer original Purolator hydraulic filter elements and high quality after market equivalent hydraulic filter elements for Purolator hydraulic filter applications.

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Purolator hydraulic filter elements

9800EAL122F1 9800EAL122F2 9800EAL122N1 9800EAL122N2 9800EAL122N3
9800EAL202F2 9800EAL202N1 9800EAL202N2 9800EAL202N3 9850EAL032N2
9850EAL062N1 9850EAL062N2 9850EAL122N1 9850EAL122N2 9850EAL202N1
9850EAL202N2 A10002 A10003 A10007 A10008
A10021 A10037 A10079 A100EAL032F1 A100EAL032F2
A100EAL032N1 A100EAL032N2 A100EAL051N1 A100EAL062F1 A100EAL062N1
A100EAL101N1 A100EAL122F1 A100EAL122N1 A100EAL201N1 A100EAL201N2
A100EAL202F1 A100EAL202N1 A11042 A12010 A12102
A12164 A12165 A12196 A12234 A12283
A12879 A13192 A13236 A13310 A13338
A133142 A13346 A14275 A14347 A14380
A14544 A17032 A17037 A17061 A17111
A17559 A17790 A17870 A20021 A20029
A20054 A20058 A20117 A22011 A22264
A22265 A22298 A23053 A23054 A23055
A23139 A23368 A23379 A23496 A23497
A23508 A23545 A24282 A24295 A24298
A24342 A24378 A24677 A24858 A25166
A27157 A27217 A27319 A27399 A27499
A27631 A27775 A27813 A28078 A28106
A30005 A30010 A30033 A30034 A30035
A30045 A30052 A30057 A30067 A30157
A30890 A31631 A32038 A32050 A32083
A32183 A32189 A32190 A32191 A32192
A32194 A32196 A32238 A32263 A32990
A33203 A33250 A33456 A33509 A33578
A34274 A34276 A34320 A34473 A34536
A34765 A34862 A34887 A35108 A35167
A35270 A35348 A37046 A37047 A37064
A37078 A37113 A37115 A37116 A37136
A37665 A37666 A37862 A38067 A40004
A40014 A40017 A40060 A40068 A40085
A40124 A40910 A41027 A42002 A42003
A42005 A42019 A42020 A42029 A42030
A42062 A42073 A42121 A42271 A42309
A430035 A43156 A43172 A43217 A43230
A43357 A43417 A43510 A43577 A44443
A44481 A44548 A44740 A44820 A45047
A45129 A45137 A47027 A47058 A47103
A47488 A47598 A47605 A47684 A47707
A47787 A47864 A48376 A49378 A50050
A50062 A50091 A51012 A52006 A52031
A52040 A52052 A52064 A52087 A52094
A52103 A52108 A52123 A52199 A52219
A52220 A52266 A52923 A52931 A52976
A52987 A53072 A53152 A53256 A53261
A53286 A53304 A533401 A53401 A53511
A53516 A54314 A54464 A54513 A54531
A54538 A54696 A54855 A55094 A55118
A57034 A57096 A57137 A57604 A58047
A60074 A61568 A61605 A62044 A62055
A62091 A62104 A62125 A62200 A62202
A62204 A62221 A62222 A62269 A62275
A62301 A62315 A62898 A62899 A62945
A62958 A62973 A62974 A62981 A62986
A63028 A63029 A63032 A63069 A63102
A63157 A63173 A63180 A63202 A63218
A63228 A63290 A63298 A63303 A63393
A63402 A63403 A63408 A63438 A63459
A63460 A63518 A63519 A63520 A63535
A64428 A64440 A64506 A64512 A64515
A64540 A64547 A64549 A64559 A64560
A64699 A64745 A64992 A65006 A65010
A65020 A65021 A67065 A67138 A67147
A67492 A67571 A67627 A67680 A67709
A67762 A68490 A69045 A69334 A70014
A72057 A72105 A72111 A72138 A72139
A72201 A72314 A72876 A72897 A72919
A72927 A72929 A72941 A73012 A73014
A73015 A73162 A73185 A73226 A73227
A73233 A73240 A73244 A73245 A73246
A73295 A73498 A73502 A73527 A73530
A73531 A73535 A73536 A73543 A74279
A74280 A74281 A74435 A74438 A74686
A74689 A74690 A74991 A74994 A74995
A74996 A75081 A75254 A76064 A77044
A77051 A77461 A77750 A78103 A83057
A83058 A83148 A83248 A83312 A83318
A83450 A84364 A84433 A84463 A84504
A84530 A84533 A84542 A84543 A84545
A84694 A85231 A9314794 AF1 AF10
AF100 AF100890 AF10089084 AF101 AF1012
AF10121 AF10122 AF1012AA AF102 AF1027
AF103 AF103534 AF103553465 AF103535 AF10353584
AF105504 AF117 AF1210 AF1215 AF12151
AF1215AA AF13 AF14 AF1416 AF157
AF1616 AF1631 AF16973 AF17056 AF17057
AF17064 AF17565 AF17626 AF17665 AF17787
AF18 AF18376 AF18490 AF2 AF200
AF2002 AF2003 AF2003K AF2004 AF2005
AF2006 AF2007 AF2010 AF2011 AF2011K
AF2012 AF2013 AF2014 AF2017 AF2019
AF2019K AF2020 AF2021 AF2022 AF2024
AF2026 AF2026K AF2027 AF2028K AF2029
AF2030 AF2030K AF2031 AF2032 AF2035
AF2035K AF2036 AF2036K AF2038 AF2040K
AF2044 AF2044K AF2047 AF2050 AF2052
AF2055 AF2056 AF2057 AF2059 AF2061
AF2062 AF2062K AF2063K AF2064 AF2064K
AF2066 AF2066K AF2073 AF2073K AF2076
AF2077 AF2078 AF2080 AF2081 AF2083
AF2084 AF2087 AF2091 AF2091K AF2093
AF2094 AF2094K AF2098 AF21 AF2100
AF2101 AF2101K AF2102 AF2103 AF2103K
AF2104 AF2104K AF2105 AF2105K AF2106K
AF2107 AF2108 AF2109K AF2110 AF2110K
AF2111 AF2121 AF2123 AF2124 AF2125
AF2126 AF2127 AF2128 AF2132 AF2137
AF2138 AF2139 AF2140 AF2148 AF2151
AF2158 AF2160 AF2161 AF2164 AF2165
AF2171 AF2174 AF2182 AF2183 AF2189
AF2190 AF2191 AF2192 AF2194 AF2196
AF2197 AF2199 AF2200 AF2201 AF2202
AF2204 AF2204K AF2213K AF2219 AF2220
AF2220H AF2221 AF2222 AF2228 AF2231
AF2233 AF2234 AF2238K AF2240 AF2243
AF2256 AF2263 AF2264 AF2265 AF2266
AF2266H AF2269 AF2269K AF2271 AF2271K
AF2275 AF2281 AF2283 AF2298 AF2301K
AF2309 AF2314 AF2315 AF2320 AF24
AF2872 AF2876 AF2879 AF2889 AF2890
AF2897 AF2898 AF2899 AF2907 AF2915
AF2916 AF2919 AF2923 AF2927 AF2929
AF2931 AF2938 AF2941 AF2945 AF2957
AF2958 AF2959 AF2961 AF2962 AF2968
AF2969 AF2973 AF2974 AF2976 AF2981
AF2982 AF2986 AF2987 AF2988 AF2989
AF2990 AF2993 AF2999 AF3 AF3008
AF3012 AF3014 AF3015 AF3022 AF3023
AF3024 AF3025 AF3028 AF3029 AF3032
AF3035 AF3041 AF3047 AF3048 AF3053
AF3054 AF3055 AF3057 AF3058 AF3069
AF3072 AF3073 AF3074 AF3075 AF3082
AF3102 AF3103 AF3113 AF3115 AF3122
AF3139 AF3148 AF3152 AF3156 AF3157
AF3162 AF3172 AF3173 AF3180 AF3183
AF3185 AF3192 AF3192 AF3199 AF3202
AF3203 AF3216 AF3217 AF3218 AF3221
AF3226 AF3227 AF3228 AF3230 AF3233
AF3236 AF3239 AF3240 AF3244 AF3245
AF3246 AF3248 AF3250 AF3251 AF3253
AF3256 AF3261 AF3263 AF3264 AF3267
AF3268 AF3275 AF3286 AF3287 AF3290
AF3292 AF3295 AF3298 AF3300 AF3301
AF3302 AF3303 AF3304 AF3310 AF3312
AF3318 AF3325 AF3326 AF3333 AF3337
AF3338 AF3339 AF3342 AF3345 AF3346
AF3348 AF3357 AF3358