We offer original Purolator hydraulic filter elements and high quality after market equivalent hydraulic filter elements for Purolator hydraulic filter applications.

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Purolator hydraulic filter elements

AF3368 AF3374 AF3375 AF3379 AF3393
AF3397 AF3401 AF3402 AF3403 AF3404
AF3405 AF3408 AF34117 AF3438 AF3450
AF3456 AF3459 AF3460 AF3464 AF3475
AF3488 AF3492 AF3496 AF3497 AF3498
AF3499 AF3502 AF3508 AF3509 AF3510
AF3511 AF3512 AF3516 AF3518 AF3519
AF3520 AF3522 AF3523 AF3526 AF3527
AF3528 AF3529 AF3530 AF3531 AF3535
AF3536 AF3537 AF3543 AF3545 AF3549
AF3559 AF3577 AF3578 AF405 AF41
AF410 AF4274 AF4275 AF4276 AF4280
AF4281 AF4282 AF4295 AF4298 AF4314
AF4320 AF4342 AF4347 AF4364 AF4378
AF4380 AF4428 AF4433 AF4435 AF4438
AF4440 AF4443 AF4463 AF4464 AF4473
AF4481 AF4504 AF4506 AF4512 AF4513
AF4515 AF4530 AF4531 AF4533 AF4536
AF4538 AF4540 AF4542 AF4543 AF4544
AF4545 AF4547 AF4548 AF4549 AF4560
AF4567 AF5 AF50 AF500 AF51
AF60 AF600 AF47 AF701 AF709
AF71 AF714 AF156175 AF8 AF8047
AF9045 AF9046 AF910 AF9101 AF9101A
AF9101AA AF910A AF9334 AF9378 AFP117
AFP118 AFP124 AFP14 AFP17 AFP21
AFP91 AFP94 AFT1005 AFT1008 AN62351A
AN62352A AN62353A AN62354A AN62361 AN62362
AP2223A APF3222A APF702A APS803 B30011
C100EAL012N2 C100EAL032F1 C100EAL032F2 C100EAL032N1 C100EAL032N2
C100EAL051N1 C100EAL051N2 C100EAL062F1 C100EAL062F2 C100EAL062N1
C100EAL062N2 C100EAL101N1 C100EAL101N2 C100EAL122F1 C100EAL122F2
C100EAL122N1 C100EAL122N2 C100EAL201N1 C100EAL201N2 C1602PL4
C1603PL3 C1612PL2 C1613PL2 C1614PL2 CE175A
CE175A1 CE175A2 CE194A CE213A CE213A1
CE213A2 EP114 EP121K EP1EP22037 EP2241
EP47 EP30 EP302 EP305 EP308
EP30HD EP314 EP316 EP320 EP325
EP5 EP78 EP781 EP7810 EP89
F20003 F20004M F20011 F20011M F20117
F20117M F20118 F20118M F21111 F211F1M
F21115M F21124 F21124M F24732M F2525NM
F253NM F27332 F29160 F29160M F4E050GCB
F4E050HCB F4E050JCB F4E070GCB F4E070JCB F50018
F50048 F50063 F50065 F50071 F50086
F50089 F50147 F50151 F50154 F50200
F50218 F50262 F50284 F50308 F50375
F50453 F50454 F51600 F53123 F53125
F53156 F54423 F54469 F54488 F54522
F54535 F54692 F54724 F54725 F54822
F55066 F55190 F55201 F55233 F57042
F57068 F57132 F57145 F57173 F57213
F57318 F57323 F57336 F57454 F57585
F57608 F57663 F57721 F57729 F57805
F57851 F58247 F59016 F59201 F60008
F60017 F60019 F60021 F60024 F60028
F60059 F60096 F60097 F60132 F60134
F60136 F60150 F60152 F60217 F60222
F60231 F60233 F60455 F60456 F61170
F64424 F64641 F64827 F64863 F65166
F65213 F65214 F67803 F67806 F69031
F69455 F70027 F70028 F70085 F70091
F70134 F70157 F71601 F73154 F75185
F78367 F79016 FA596 FA597 FA598
FA630 FA666 FA707 FA78 FA860A
FC0258 FC03056 FC101 FC114 FC1141
FC140 FC141 FC142 FC603 FC81
FCA1027 FCA1078 FCA117 FCA124 FCA157
FCA1631 FCA4274 FCA4275 FCA4276 FCA4298
FCG152 FCG154 FCG4 FCG5 FC01
FCO101 FCO119 FCO160 FCO17 FCO178
FCO18 FCO193 FCO20 FCO201 FCO2106
FCO2120 FCO213 FCO2165 FCO2166 FCO2167
FCO241 FCO252 FCO257 FCO258 FCO28
FCO292 FCO3056 FCO321 FCO373 FCO64
FCO73 FG427 FH21 FL12 FL784
FL784W FPT500 FPT750 FPT750B FPT750DP
FPT750H FPT750P GF11 GF111 GF1111
GF1111M GF111M GF1124 GF1124M GF117
GF117M GF118 GF118M GF11K GF11M
GF11MK GF143 GF147 GF18 GF18M
GF68 GF68OF GP16 GP1601 GP18
GP1801 GP1802 GP24 GP28 H10200
H147142 H15124 H20143 H20247 H20294
H25180 H25181 H27122 H30002 H30014
H30030 H30059 H30113 H30114 H30135
H30142 H30216 H30220 H30221 H32010
H32025 H32210 H34561 H35182 H35235
H36013 H40004 H40029 H40115 H40137
H40139 H40144 H40175 H40224 H40280
H40316 H40320 H40321 H40329 H45178
H45000 H46017 H46030 H46042 H46049
H50045 H50087 H50205 H50246 H50264
H50305 H51141 H52810 H54552 H55026
H55033 H55136 H56010 H56054 H56055
H56059 H56062 H56114 H56115 H57150
H60028 H60259 H60302 H65031 H65226
H66019 H66041 HC35 HC41 HC6
HC9 HP1 HX1 HX15 HX20
HX21 HX23 KC11 KC15 KC17
KC20 KC24 KC29 KC30 KC31
KC5 KL12 KX11 KX30 KX35
KX43 KX47 KX48 L10017 L10018
L10028 L10101 L10122 L10168 L10183
L10193 L10222 L10241 L12 L1200
L14 L1400 L14006 L14459 L14460
L14476 L14477 L14610 L14612 L14619
L14620 L14670 L14753 L14758 L15
L1500 L17019 L17020 L17028 L17067
L17125 L17200 L17201 L17207 L17258
L17266 L17278 L17301 L17357 L17368
L17369 L17603 L17620 L17648 L17662
L17675 L17693 L17801 L17810 L17816
L17817 L17822 L17824 L17825 L17827
L17848 L18207 L20009 L20011 L20013
L20014 L20015 L20020 L20022 L20033
L20049 L20051 L20064 L20073 L20081
L20089 L20099 L20110 L20173 L20178
L20195 L20252 L20287 L20700 L20701
L20761 L22167 L22821 L24007 L24011
L24457 L24458 L24466 L24651 L25100
L25195 L25230 L27013 L27017 L27022
L27024 L27110 L27122 L27159 L27170
L27179 L27190 L27204 L27205 L27217
L27218 L27221 L27233 L27234 L27235
L27252 L27253 L27255 L27261 L27275
L27276 L27545 L27820 L27826 L27849
L27928 L28106 L28142 L28264 L28812
L30001 L30003 L30005 L30013 L30017
L30019 L30022 L30026 L30030 L30034
L30040 L30048 L30052 L30054 L30059
L30068 L30071 L30084 L30090 L30119
L30121 L30137 L30138 L30141 L30147
L30215 L30238 L30255 L30257 L30260
L30288 L32106 L34421 L34480 L34631
L34733 L34734 L34743 L34750 L34875
L35098 L35132 L35197 L37166 L37197
L37198 L37202 L37211 L37212 L37222
L37227 L37229 L37230 L37231 L37237
L37247 L37249 L37251 L37257 L37274
L37359 L37390 L37755 L37821 L37989
L38067 L38257 L38258 L40010 L40011
L40012 L40017 L40035 L40043 L40048
L40050 L40084 L40087 L40088 L40106
L40107 L40110 L40124 L40127 L40137
L40219 L40314 L42168 L43056 L44422
L44444 L44754 L45189 L45335 L46066
L47015 L47033 L47056 L47304 L47356
L47553 L47815 L48015 L48430 L50002
L50007 L50041 L50042 L50068 L50070
L50078 L50085 L50086 L50116 L50146
L50148 L50205 L50250 L50300 L50301
L50308 L50500 L50780 L54519 L54563
L54836 L54851 L57043 L57132 L57204
L57429 L58244 L58429 L59068 L60055
L60060 L60069 L60116 L60137 L60146
L60750 L60751 L60752 L65063 LI1583
LI1830 LI1877 LI1989 LI1989B LI2687
LI2768 LI2840 LI3550 LI3554 LI3620
LI3621 LI3626 LI3855 LI3868 LI3903
LI3928 LI3970 LI3997 LI4016 LI4117
LI4250 LKS214 LKS42 LKS43 LX102
LX116 LX13 LX130 LX14 LX140
LX142 LX15 LX155 LX16 LX162
LX167 LX17 LX175 LX18 LX183
LX196 LX20 LX200 LX21 LX219
LX223 LX227 LX228 LX23 LX236
LX246 LX26 LX263 LX265 LX27
LX271 LX273 LX275 LX28 LX29
LX31 LX33 LX93 LXS19 LXS201
LXS214 LXS25 LXS30 LXS34 LXS42
LXS43 MF100A MF139A MF146A MF149A
MF150A MF170A MF176A MF190 MF190A
MF192A MF2005A MF209A MF221A MF221A1
MF222A MF24 MF24C MF25A MF2600
MF2604 MF26A MF26A1 MF26A3 MF264A
MF26D MF272B MF276 MF279A MF292A1
MF296A MF297A MF308A MF308A1 MF308A3
MF3124 MF312A MF36300A MF36304B MF363A
MF39 MF3900 MF39A MF40 MF421A
MF43A MF442A MF442A1 MF45700 MF457000A
MF45700A MF45700B MF45701A MF45702A MF45800A
MF45803A MF45804A MF45805A MF476A MF481A
MF49A MF500 MF500A MF523A1 MF524A1
MF52A MF52B MF559A MF55A MF57A
MF586 MF586A MF58A MF599A MF60900
MF60900A MF6103 MF6103A MF624A MF63000
MF63000A MF63003A MF63004A MF63005A MF641A
MF651A MF67100A MF627A MF675A MF67600A
MF681A MF700A MF70A MF75A MF75A1
MF75A2 MF75A3 MF75A4 MF75A5 MF839A
MF860K MF94A MFF106A MFF130A MFF172A
MFF189A MFF205A MFF222A MFF290A MFF47300
MFF61901 MFF64301B MFH440A MFP190A MFP192A
MFP379A MFP475 MFP475A MFP477A MFP591A
MFP610A MFP627A MFP639A MFP655 MFP655A
MFP684A MFP687A MFP702A MFP703 MFP704
MFP764A MFP784A ML16809 ML16810 ML16816
ML16822C N1600 N33 N33AC N34
N35 N50 N51 OC100 OC107
OC113 OC114 OC117 OC119 OC121
OC122 OC13 OC134 OC17 OC21
OC22 OC25 OC26 OC30 OC32
OC33 OC37 OC38 OC41 OC47
OC54 OC56 OC59 OC60 OC67
OC83 OC84 OC99 OF15 OF15C
OP4619 OX1 OX11 OX12 OX15
OX16 OX17 OX2 OX20