We offer original MP Filtri filter elements and high quality equivalent filter elements for MP Filtri hydraulic applications. To make an inquiry or order MP Filtri filters please contact us at the following.

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MP Filtri filter elements

6011022 C2505M250A C2505M25A C2505M60A C2505M90A
C2510M250A C2510M25A C2510M60A C2510M90A C2515M250A
C2515M25A C2515M60A C2515M90A C2520M250A C2520M60A
C2520M90A C2530M250A C2530M25A C2530M60A C2530M90A
C2535M250A C2535M25A C2535M60A C2535M90A C2540M250A
C2540M25A C2540M60A C2540M90A C2600M250A C2600M25A
C2600M60A C2600M90A C2600M250A C2600M25A C2600M60A
C2600M90A CA100M250 CA100M60 CA100M90 CA200M250
CA200M60 CA200M90 CA220M25 CA220M250 CA220M60
CA220M90 CA250M25 CA250M250 CA250M60 CA250M90
CA25M250 CA25M60 CA25M90 CA40M250 CA40M60
CA40M90 CA630M250 CA630M60 CA630M90 CA800M250
CA800M60 CA800M90 CA850M250 CA850M60 CA850M90
CS050A10A CS050A25A CS050M60A CS050M90A CS050P10A
CS050P25A CS070A10A CS070A25A CS070M60A CS070M90A
CS070P10A CS070P25A CS100A10A CS100A25A CS100A25A
CS100M60A CS100M90A CS100P10A CS100P25A CS150A10A
CS150A25A CS150M60A CS150M90A CS150P10A CS150P25A
CS50A10A CS50A25A CS50M60A CS50M90A CS50P10A
CS50P25A CS70A10A CS70A25A CS70M60A CS70M90A
CS70P10A CS70P25A CSG050A03A CSG050A06A CSG050A10A
CSG050A25A CSG050M60A CSG050M90A CSG050P10A CSG050P25A
CSG070A03A CSG070A06A CSG070A10A CSG070A25A CSG070M60A
CSG070M90A CSG070P10A CSG070P25A CSG100A03A CSG100A06A
CSG100A10A CSG100A25A CSG100M60A CSG100M90A CSG100P10A
CSG100P25A CSG150A03A CSG150A06A CSG150A10A CSG150A25A
CSG150M60A CSG150M90A CSG150P10A CSG150P25A CSG50A03A
CSGW100P10A CSGW100P25A CSGW150P10A CSGW150P25A CT050A10AB
CT050A25AB CT050M60AB CT050M90AB CT050P10AB CT050P25AB
CT070A10AB CT070A25AB CT070M60AB CT070M90AB CT070P10AB
CT07P25AB CT100A10AB CT100A25AB CT100M60AB CT100M90AB
CT100P10AB CT100P25AB CT150A10AB CT150A25AB CT150M60AB
CT150M90AB CT150P10AB CT150P25AB CU025A10N CU025A25N
CU025M10N CU025M250N CU025M25N CU025M60N CU025M90N
CU025P10N CU025P25N CU040A10N CU040A25N CU040M10N
CU040M250N CU040M25N CU040M60N CU040M90N CU040P10N
CU040P25N CU100A10N CU100A25N CU100M10N CU100M250N
CU100M25N CU100M60N CU100M90N CU100P10N CU100P25N
CU200A10N CU200A25N CU200M10N CU200M250N CU200M25N
CU200M60N CU200M90N CU200P10N CU200P25N CU250A10N
CU250A25N CU250M10N CU250M250N CU250M25N CU250M60N
CU250M90N CU250P10N CU250P25N CU25A10N CU25A25N
CU25M10N CU25M250N CU25M25N CU25M60N CU25M90N
CU25P10N CU25P25N CU350A10N CU350A25N CU350M10N
CU350M250N CU350M25N CU350M60N CU350M90N CU350P10N
CU350P25N CU40A10N CU40A25N CU40M10N CU40M250N
CU40M25N CU40M60N CU40M90N CU40P10N CU40P25N
CU630A10N CU630A25N CU630M10N CU630M250N CU630M25N
CU630M60N CU630M90N CU630P10N CU630P25N CU730A10N
CU730A25N CU730M10N CU730M250N CU730M25N CU730M60N
CU730M90N CU730P10N CU730P25N CU850A10N CU850A25N
CU850M10N CU850M250N CU850M25N CU850M60N CU850M90N
CU850P10N CU850P25N CU890A10N CU890A25N CU890M10N
CU890M250N CU890M25N CU890M60N CU890M90N CU890P10N
CU890P25N CU9503A03NA CU9503A06NA CU9503A10NA CU9503A25NA
CU9503M25NA CU9503M60NA CU9503M90NA FA45492 HP0201A03HA
HP0201A06HA HP0201A10HA HP0201A25HA HP0201M10HA HP0201M25HA
HP0201M60HA HP0371A03NA HP0371A06NA HP0371A10NA HP0371A25NA
HP0371M10NA HP0371M25NA HP0371M60NA HP0371P10NA HP0371P25NA
HP0372A03NA HP0372A06NA HP0372A10NA HP0372A25NA HP0372M10NA
HP0372M25NA HP0372M60NA HP0372P10NA HP0372P25NA HP0502AA03NP01
HP502AA03PS01 HP0502AA06NP01 HP0502AA06SP01 HP0502AA10NP01 HP0502AA10SP01
HP0502AA25NP01 HP0502AA25SP01 HP0503AA06NP01 HP0503AA10NP01 HP0503AA25NP01
HP0504AA03NP01 HP0504AA03SP01 HP0504AA06NP01 HP050AA06SP01 HP0504AA10NP01
HP0504AA10SP01 HP0504AA25NP01 HP0504AA25SP01 HP0651A03HA HP0651A03NA
HP0651A06HA HP0651A06NA HP0651A10HA HP0651A10NA HP0651A25HA
HP0651A25NA HP0651M10HA HP0651M10NA HP0651M25HA HP0651M25NA
HP0651M60NA HP0651M90NA HP0651P10NA HP0651P25NA HP0652A03HA
HP0652A03NA HP0652A06HA HP0652A06NA HP0652A10HA HP0652A10NA
HP0652A25HA HP0652A25NA HP0652M10HA HP0652M10NA HP0652M25HA
HP0652M25NA HP0652M60NA HP0652M90NA HP0652P10NA HP0652P25NA
HP0653A03HA HP0653A03NA HP0653A06HA HP0653A06NA HP0653A10HA
HP0653A10NA HP0653A25HA HP0653A25NA HP0653M10HA HP0653M10NA
HP0653M25HA HP0653M25NA HP0653M60HA HP0653M60NA HP0653M90NA
HP0653P10NA HP0653P25NA HP1351A03HA HP1351A03NA HP1351A06HA
HP1351A06NA HP1351A10ANP01 HP1351A10HA HP1351A10NA HP1351A25AN
HP1351A25HA HP1351A25NA HP1351M10HA HP1351M10NA HP1351M25HA
HP1351M25NA HP1351M60NA HP1351M90NA HP1351P10NA HP1351P25NA
HP1352A03HA HP1352A03NA HP1352A06HA HP1352A06NA HP1352A10HA
HP1352A10NA HP1352A25HA HP1352A25NA HP1352M10HA HP1352M10NA
HP1352M25HA HP1352M25NA HP1352M60NA HP1352M90NA HP1352P10NA
HP1352P25NA HP1353A03HA HP1353A03NA HP1353A06HA HP1353A06NA
HP1353A10HA HP1353A10NA HP1353A25HA HP1353A25NA HP1353M10HA
HP1353M10NA HP1353M25HA HP1353M25NA HP1353M60NA HP1353M90NA
HP1353P10NA HP1353P25NA HP3201A03HA HP3201A03NA HP3201A06HA
HP3201A06NA HP3201A10HA HP3201A10NA HP3201A25HA HP3201A25NA
HP3201M10HA HP3201M10NA HP3201M25HA HP3201M25NA HP3201M60NA
HP3201M60NA HP3201M90NA HP3201P10NA HP3201P25NA HP3202A03HA
HP3202A03NA HP3202A06AN HP3202A06HA HP3202A06NA HP3202A10HA
HP3202A10NA HP3202A25HA HP3202A25NA HP3202M10HA HP3202M10NA
HP3202M25HA HP3202M25NA HP3202M60NA HP3202M90NA HP3202P10NA
HP3202P25NA HP3203A03HA HP3203A03NA HP3203A06HA HP3203A06NA
HP3203A10HA HP3203A10NA HP3203A25HA HP3203A25NA HP3203M10HA
HP3203M10NA HP3203M25HA HP3203M25NA HP3203M60NA HP3203M90NA
HP3203P10NA HP3203P25NA HP3204A03HA HP3204A03NA HP3204A06HA
HP3204A06NA HP3204A10HA HP3204A10NA HP3204A25HA HP3204A25NA
HP3204M10HA HP3204M10NA HP3204M25HA HP3204M25NA HP3204M60NA
HP3204M90NA HP3204P10NA HP3204P25NA HP5001A03VH HP5001A03VN
HP501A06VH HP5001A06VN HP5001A10AH HP5001A10AN HP5001A10VH
HP5001A10VN HP5001A25VH HP5001A25VN HP5002A03VH HP5002A03VN
HP5002A06VH HP5002A06VN HP5002A10AH HP5002A10AN HP5002A10VH
HP5002A10VN HP5002A25AH HP5002A25AN HP5002A25VH HP5002A25VN
HP5003A03VH HP5003A03VN HP5003A06VH HP5003A06VN HP5003A10AH
HP5003A10AN HP5003A10VH HP5003A10VN HP5003A25AH HP5003A25AN
HP5003A25VH HP5003A25VN HP5004A03VH HP5004A03VN HP5004A06VH
HP5004A06VN HP5004A10AH HP5004A10AN HP5004A10VH HP5004A10VN
HP5004A25AH HP5004A25AN HP5004A25VH HP5004A25VN HP5005A03VH
HP5005A03VN HP5005A06VH HP5005A06VN HP5005A10AH HP5005A10AN
HP5005A10VH HP5005A10VN HP5005A25AH HP5005A25AN HP5005A25VH
HP5005A25VN L3M60A L4M500A L4M90 L5P10
M10M25 M10M60 M1A03HA M1A03NA M1A10HA
M4M60NA MA4M90 MF0201P25NB MF0202P25NB MF0203A03HB
MF0203A03HV MF0203A06HB MF0203A06HV MF0203A10HB MF0203A10HV
MF0203A25HB MF0203A25HV MF0203P25NB MF0301A03HB MF0301A03NB
MF0301A06HB MF0301A06NB MF0301A10HB MF0301A10NB MF0301A25HB
MF0301A25NB MF0301M60NB MF0301M90NB MF0301P10NB MF0301P25NB
MF1001A03HB MF1001A03NB MF1001A06HB MF1001A06NB MF1001A10HB
MF1001A10NB MF1001A25HB MF1001A25NB MF1001M25NB MF1001M60
MF1001M60NB MF1001M90NB MF1001P10NB MF1001P25NB MF1002A03HB
MF1002A03NB MF1002A06HB MF1002A06NB MF1002A10HB MF1002A10NB
MF1002A25HB MF1002A25NB MF1002M25NB MF1002M60NB MF1002M90NB
MF1002P10NB MF1002P25NB MF1003A03HB MF1003A03NB MF1003A06HB
MF1003A06NB MF1003A10HB MF1003A10NB MF1003A25HB MF1003A25NB
MF1003M25NB MF1003M60NB MF1003M90NB MF1003P10NB MF1003P25NB
MF1801A03HB MF1801A03NB MF1801A06HB MF1801A06NB MF1801A10HB
MF1801A10NB MF1801A25HB MF1801A25NB MF1801M25NB MF1801M60NB
MF1801M90NB MF1801P10NB MF1801P25HB MF1801P25NB MF1802A03HB
MF1802A03NB MF1802A06HB MF1802A06NB MF1802A10HB MF1802A10NB
MF1802A25HB MF1802A25NB MF1802M60NB MF1802M90NB MF1802P10NB
MF1802P25NB MF4001A03HB MF4001A03NB MF4001A06HB MF4001A06NB
MF4001A10HB MF4001A10NB MF4001A25HB MF4001A25NB MF4001M25NB
MF4001M60NB MF4001M90NB MF4001P10NB MF4001P25NB MF4002A03HB
MF4002A03NB MF4002A06HB MF4002A06NB MF4002A10HB MF4002A10NB
MF4002A25HB MF4002A25NB MF4002AP10NB MF4002M25NB MF4002M60NB
MF4002M90NB MF4002P10NB MF4002P25NB MF4003A03HB MF4003A03NB
MF4003A06HB MF4003A06NB MF4003A10HB MF4003A10NB MF4003A25HB
MF4003A25NB MF4003AP10NB MF4003M25NB MF4003M60NB MF4003M90NB
MF4003P10NB MF4003P25NB MF7501A03HB MF7501A03NB MF7501A06HB
MF7501A06NB MF7501A10HB MF7501A10NB MF7501A25HB MF7501A25NB
MF7501M25NB MF7501M60NB MF7501M90NB MF7501P10NB MF7501P25NB
MP10300 MP10301 MP10302 MP10303 MP10304
MP10305 MP10306 MP10307 MP10500 MP10501
MP10502 MP10503 MP10504 MP10505 MP10506
MP10507 MP10508 MP10509 MP10510 MP10511
MP3001 MP3002 MP3003 MP3004 MP3005
MP3006 MP3007 MP3008 MP3101 MP3102
MP3201 MP3202 MP3204 MP3205 MP3206
MP3207 MP3208 MP3209 MP3210 MP3211
MP3301 MP3302 MP3303 MP3304 MP3305
MP3306 MP3307 MP3308 MP3309 MP3310
MP3311 MP3312 MP3313 MP3314 MP3315
MP3316 MP3601 MP3602 MP3603 MP3604
MP3605 MP3606 MP3607 MP3608 MP3609
MP3610 MP3611 MP3612 MP3613 MP3614
MP3615 MP3616 MP3617 MP3618 MP3701
MP3702 MP3703 MP3704 MP3705 MP3706
MP3707 MP3708 MP3801 MP3802 MP3803
MP3804 MP3901 MP3902 MP3903 MP3904
MP3905 MP3906 MP6907 MP3908 MP3909
MP3910 MP3911 MP3912 MP3913 MP4001
MP4002 MP4003 MP4004 MP4005 MP4006
MP4007 MP4008 MP4009 MP4010 MP4011
MP4012 MP4013 MP4101 MP4102 MP4103
MP4104 MP4105 MP4106 MP4107 MP4108
MP4109 MP4110 MP4111 MP4112 MP4113
MP4114 MP4115 MP4116 MP4301 MP4302
MP4303 MP4304 MP4305 MP4306 MP4307
MP4308 MP4309 MP4310 MP4311 MP4312
MP5001 MP5002 MP5003 MP5004 MP5005
MP5006 MP5007 MP5008 MP5009 MP5010
MP5011 MP5012 MP5101 MP5102 MP5103
MP5104 MP5105 MP5106 MP5107 MP5108
MP5109 MP5110 MP5111 MP5112 MP5113
MP5114 MP5115 MP5116 MP5117 MP5118
MP5201 MP5202 MP5203 MP5204 MP5205
MP5206 MP8301 MP8302 MP8303 MP8304
MP8305 MP8306 MP9100 MP9101 MP9102
MP9103 MP9104 MP9105 MP9106 MP9107
MP9200 MP9201 MP9202 MP9203 MP9204
MP9205 MP9206 MP9207 MP9300 MP9301
MP9302 MP9303 MP9304 MP9305 MP9306
MP9307 MP9400 MP9401 MP9402 MP9403
MP9404 MP9405 MP9406 MP9407 MP9500
MP9501 MP9502 MP9503 MP9504 MP9505
MP9506 MP9507 MP9600 MP9601 MP9602
MP9603 MP9604 MP9605 MP9606 MP9607
MP9700 MP9701 MP9702 MP9703 MP9704
MP9705 MP9706 MP9707 MPAO12G1M250 MPA012G1M60
MPA012G1M90 MPA015G1M250 MPA015G1M60 MPA015G1M90 MPA025G1M250
MPA025G1M60 MPA025G1M90 MPA030G1M250 MPA030G1M60 MPA030G1M90
MPA045G1M250 MPA045G1M60 MPA045G1M90 MPA050G1M250 MPA050G1M60
MPA050G1M90 MPA075G1M250 MPA075G1M60 MPA075G1M90 MPA095G1M250
MPA095G1M60 MPA095G1M90 MPA120G1M250 MPA120G1M60 MPA120G1M90
MPA150G1M250 MPA150G1M60 MPA150G1M90 MPA220G1M250 MPA220G1M60
MPA220G1M90 MPA280G1M250 MPA280G1M60 MPA280G1M90 MPA300G1M250
MPA300G1M60 MPA300G1M90 MPA430G1M250 MPA300G1M60 MPA300G1M90
MPA430G1M250 MPA430G1M60 MPA430G1M90 MR1001A03A MR1001A10A
MR1001A25A MR1001M25A MR1001M60A MR1001M90A MR1001P10A
MR1002A03A MR1002A10A MR1002A25A MR1002M25A MR1002M60A
MR1002M90A MR1002P10A MR1003A03A MR1003A10A MR1003A25A
MR1003M25A MR1003M60A MR1003M90A MR1003P10A MR1004A03A
MR1004A10A MR1004A25A MR1004M25A MR1004M60A MR1004M90A
MR1004P10A MR2501A03A MR2501A10A MR2501A25A MR2501M60A
MR2501M90A MR2501P10A MR2502A03A MR2502A10A MR2502A25A
MR2502M25A MR2502M60A MR2502M90A MR2502P10A MR2502S250A
MR2503A03A MR2503A10A MR2503A25A MR2503M25A MR2503M60A
MR2503M90A MR2503P10A MR2503S250A MR2504A03A MR2504A10A
MR2504A25A MR2504M25A MR2504M60A MR2504M90A MR2504P10A