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Our customer called to inquire if we could help them with a custom application involving an engine swap using a Deutz diesel engine in a high dust, off road environment. They were asking for an air filter assembly with a cyclone type pre cleaner using a paper filter cartridge. It is a common mistake to size an air filter assembly to the connection size of the engine air inlet. The correct procedure for sizing an air filter assembly is to match the air flow rate requirements in order to supply the correct volume of clean air to the engine. The correct Mann IQORON air cleaner was chosen based on the engine flow reqirements,

A Mann Mann IQORON with an inlet size 89.1 mm was selected. Mann part number 45 270 95 910 features vertical mounting capability in restricted space requirements. This assembly uses Mann C26270 primary filter element and Mann CF2125 secondary filter element. Installation materials using aluminum tubing, 90 degree elbows, t-bolt clamps, reducers and bushing will be utilized to complete the installation.

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