Mahle Filter Elements

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Mahle Filter Elements

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We offer the complete range of Mahle Filter Elements for the following markets.

  • Agricuture & Construction Equipment
  • Factory Equipment
  • Industrial Engines
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Energy

Mahle Filter Elements are used for filtering hydraulic and lubricating fluids efficiently. The range of filtration products offered for mobile and stationary hydraulic applications includes the following.

  • Low Pressure Filters: 6 – 63 bar |  10 – 600 liters
  • Medium Pressure Filters: 210 – 350 bar  |  50 – 600 liters
  • High Pressure Filters:  315 to 400 bar  |  20 – 400 liters
  • Return Filters:  40 – 1000 liters
  • Suction Filters: 10 – 480 liters
  • Suction – Return Filters:  1000 liters
  • Duplex Filters:  40 – 1000 liters
  • Air Breathers
  • Contamination Indicators
  • Filter Elements and Spin-on Cartridges

Filter selection

The keys to selecting the correct filter for any application include determining the following.

  • Type of fluid
  • Operating temperature
  • Operating Pressure
  • Flow rate
  • Filtration fineness
  • Connection size (BSPP vs SAE)

Pressure filters will be selected based on operating temperature and fluid type to determine correct seal comapatibility. Pressure and flow determine the correct housing build. Filtration finess measured in microns will determine the correct filter.

Return line filters and suction filters are selected similar to pressure filters. The purpose and location of return line and suction filters are different. They are usually operating under lower pressure and the filtration fineness may be coarser than pressure filter elements.

Duplex filters are available in pressure and return configuations. They feature two filter housings and a selector handle for operating one housing. The benefit to this is equipment does not need to be shut down for filter changeouts compared to a conventional single housing unit.

Filter Media

The new Mahle Premium Select filter media indicated by PS in the part number features higher dirt holding capacity and improved energy efficiency. Premium Select hydraulic filter elements offer higher performance over conventional micro fiberglass and paper media hydraulic filter elements. These elements featured layered filter media of different retention rates with performance equal to a depth filter. Coarse contamination particles are captured in the intial coarse media and finer particles pass to finer filter media. Finer filter media is not wasted on capturing coarse contaminants. Dirt holding capacity is incresed and differential pressure rates are lower. Filter elements have longer life and filter element changeouts can be reduced to lower operating costs. Maintenance staff are available and machine uptime is increased, especiallywith the use of a duplex filter. Energy costs are reduced by lower operating differential pressure. Motor and pumps require less energy to move fluid through the operating system. Machines run cooler and wear parts last longer resulting in addittional operating cost savings.