In Search of the Hydac Return Filter Element

We recently received an inquiry for a Hydac Betamicron return filter element. Part numbers were unavailable as was the filter assembly laser tag identifying needed specifications. What was known is that the part was a return filter element. Several pictures were sent with the element and a tape measure with the measurements identified.

Nothing else was known about the Hydac Betamicron return filter element. No specifications were available for micron rating and flow rate. In this case measurements with pictures alone are not going to guide to the correct decision in specifying the needed filter element.

Hydac offers a wide array of return filter elements in the Betamicron series. There are 17 available flow rates and 4 different micron ratings. Mesurements and pictures are not going to enable anyone to select the proper filter element. The proper part number is needed for correction identification.

How to determine the correct filter element

In this particular case one option would have been to research the equipment model to determine the required filter element. A call to the parts department would help greatly with this. Chances are good that the dealer will have the Hydac filter element needed and it will be identified by the equipment manufacturer with an OEM part number. A cross reference can be used to see if there is a match. If not, the part will need to be ordered from the equipment dealer. Filter elements should come in a box identifying the filter with a Hydac number. Some filters may be available to the aftermarket or be proprietary to the OEM.

The hydraulic filter segement has recently improved filter elements with new materials and technology resulting in improved performance. New products are not readily interchanged by competitors until they have had time to do their homework to see how they match. A word of caution. Not all cross references and interchanges are an exact match. It is important to match filter media fineness and filter surface area. Chances are quite good that a lower price filter element is going to give you what you pay for. Less filter surface area is one feature of a lower priced filter element.