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Hydac Filter Elements


Hydac Filter Elements Optimicron

Optimicron series filter elements feature new technology for sustainable filtration and fluid conditioning. Here are the new features.

  • New Helios Pleat Geometry
  • Integrated drainage layer
  • New upstream drainage layer
  • Efficient filter materials
  • Increased range of filtration ratings

Optimicron filter elements can save up to 30% in differential pressure. The reduction in differential pressure protects your investment and the environment because fluids are filtered more efficiently which results in longer equipment and fluid life. Purchases of fluids can be made less frequently. The high energy efficiency of the new filter elements reduces CO2 emmissions.

The outer pleats have oval and round perforations toinsure optimal flow and reduce pressure loss efficiently. Stress is distrbuted evenly to minimizing tears in the filter media. Helios pleats have both low and high pleats which prevents the pleats from becoming compressed under high pressure loads and this reduces differential pressure.

Hydac Betamicron

Betamicron filters have a new mesh pack. The mesh structure is now layered with new glass fibers. An inner screen supports the pleat pack.  Support layers back up active filter media. A multi protection cover is used for high pressure elements and wraps the outside of the element. An outer screen stabilizes the pleat pack beneath. A diffusion layer equalizes surface flow. A depth layer acts as a prefilter to remove coarse contamination. The final active layer removes fine contamination. All of these features result in a filter element with longer life, greater dirt holding capacity, and energy efficiency. 

Hydac Betamicron series filter elements are available in pressure and return line models. The pressure models are available in high and low collapse versions..