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Hydac Filter Element

Hydac Betamicron R return filter element part numbers

Micron: 3, 5, 10, 20 

0030R003BN4HC 0030R005BN4HC 0030R010BN4HC 0030R010BN4HC 0060R003BN4HC 0060R005BN4HC
0060R010BN4HC 0060R020BN4HC 0075R003BN4HC 0075R005BN4HC 0075R010BN4HC 0075R020BN4HC
0090R003BN4HC 0090R005BN4HC 0090R010BN4HC 0090R020BN4HC 0110R003BN4HC 0110R005BN4HC
0110R010BN4HC 0110R020BN4HC 0150R003BN4HC 0150R005BN4HC 0150R010BN4HC 0150R020BN4HC
0160R003BN4HC 0160R005BN4HC 0160R010BN4HC 0160R020BN4HC 0165R003BN4HC 0165R005BN4HC
0165R010BN4HC 0165R020BN4HC 0240R003BN4HC 0240R005BN4HC 0240R010BN4HC 0240R020BN4HC
0330R003BN4HC 0330R005BN4HC 0330R010BN4HC 0330R020BN4HC 0500R003BN4HC 0500R005BN4HC
0500R010BN4HC 0500R020BN4HC 0660R003BN4HC 0660R005BN4HC 0660R010BN4HC 0660R020BN4HC
0850R003BN4HC 0850R005BN4HC 0850R010BN4HC 0850R020BN4HC 0950R003BN4HC 0950R005BN4HC
0950R010BN4HC 0950R020BN4HC 1300R003BN4HC 1300R005BN4HC 1300R010BN4HC 1300R020BN4HC
1700R003BN4HC 1700R005BN4HC 1700R010BN4HC 1700R020BN4HC 2600R003BN4HC 2600R005BN4HC
2600R010BN4HC 2600R020BN4HC

Hydac Betamicron RN return filter elements

Micron: 3, 6, 10, 25

0040RN003BNHC 0040RN006BNHC 0040RN010BNHC 0040RN025BNHC 0063RN003BNHC 0063RN006BNHC
0063RN010BNHC 0063RN025BNHC 0100RN003BNHC 0100RN006BNHC 0100RN010BNHC 0100RN025BNHC
0160RN003BNHC 0160RN006BNHC 0160RN010BNHC 0160RN025BNHC 0250RN003BNHC 0250RN006BNHC
0250RN010BNHC 0250RN025BNHC 0400RN003BNHC 0400RN006BNHC 0400RN010BNHC 0400RN025BNHC
0630RN003BNHC 0630RN006BNHC 063RN010BNHC 063RN025BNHC 1000RN003BNHC 1000RN006BNHC
1000RN010BNHC 1000RN025BNHC

Hydac RKM filter elements Mobilemicron

Micron:10, 15

0100RK010MM 0100RK015MM 0201RK010MM 0201RK015MM 0251RK010MM 0251RK015MM
0300RK010MM 0300RK015MM 0400RK010MM 0400RK015MM 0800RK010MM 0800RK015MM

Hydac Filter Element ECOmicron R type

Environmentally compatible all plastic construction except for metal spring used in by pass valve.

Micron: 3, 5, 10, 20

0040R03ECO/N 0040R05ECO/N 0040R10ECO/N 0040R20ECO/N 0090R03ECO/N 0090R05ECO/N
0090R10ECO/N 0090R20EOC/N 0110R03ECO/N 0110R05ECO/N 0110R10ECO/N 0110R20ECO/N
0150R03ECO/N 0150R05ECO/N 0150R10ECO/N 0150R20ECO/N 0160R03ECO/N 0160R05ECO/N
0160R10ECO/N 0160R20ECO/N 0165R03ECO/N 0165E05ECO/N 0165R10ECO/N 0165R20ECO/N
0185R03ECO/N 0185R05ECO/N 0185R10ECO/N 0185R20ECO/N 0240R03ECO/N 0240R05ECO/N
0240R10ECO/N 0240R20ECO/N 0330R03ECO/N 0330R05ECO/N 0330R10ECO/N 0330R20ECO/N
0660R03ECO/N 0660R05ECO/N 0660R10ECO/N 0660R20ECO/N 0850R03ECO/N 0850R05ECO/N
0850R10ECO/N 0850R20ECO/N 0950R03ECO/N 0950R05ECO/N 0950R10ECO/N 0950R20ECO/N

Hydac Filter Element Acquamicron Series

Water removal filter elements

Water removal elements for removing free water from mineral oils. Supplied in Hydac return filter element dimensions and can be used in housings sized from 330 fitted with return elements.

Micron: 40

0330R040AM 0500R040AM 0660R040AM 0850R040AM 0950R040AM 1300R040AM

Betamicron / Aquamicron Series

Combination filter elements designed to absorb water and filter solid particles from mineral oil, HFD-R oils, and rapid biodegradablre oils. An absorber reacts with free water in the fluid and forms a gel which captures the water. These elements do not remove dissolved water.

Micron:  3, 10

0330R003BN/AM 0330R010BN/AM 0660R003BN/AM 0660R010BN/AM 0950R003BN/AM 0950R010BN/AM
1300R003BN/AM 1300R010BN/AM 2600R003BN/AM 2600R010BN/AM

Hydac MA & MG Series Spin-on Elements

0040MA005BN 0040MA010BN 0040MA020BN 0040MA003P 0040MA010P 0040MA025P
0040MG005BN 0040MG010BN 0040MG020BN 0040MG003P 0040MG010P 0040MG025P
0080MA005BN 0080MA010BN 0080MA020BN 0080MA003P 0080MA010P 0080MA025P
0080MG005BN 0080MG010BN 0080MG020BN 0080MG003P 0080MG010P 0080MG025P
0085MA003P 0085MA005P 0085MA010P 0085MA020P 0085MG003P 0085MG005P
0085MG010P 0085MG025P 0090MA005BN 0090MA010BN 0090MA020BN 0090MA003P
0090MA010P 0090MA025P 0090MG003BN 0090MG010BN 0090MG020BN 0090MG003P
0090MG010P 0090MG025P 0095MA003BN 0095MA005BN 0095MA010BN 0095MA003P
0095MA010P 0095MA025P 0095MG003BN 0095MG005BN 0095MG010BN 0095MG003P
0095MG010P 0095MG025P 0160MA005BN 0160MA010BN 0160MA020BN 0160MA003P
0160MA010P 0160MA025P 160MG005BN 0160MG010BN 0160MG010BN 0160MG003P
0160MG010P 0160MG025P 0180MA003BN 0180MA005BN 0180MA010BN 0180MA020BN
0180MA003P 0180MA010P 0180MA025P 0180MG003BN 0180MG005BN 0180MG010BN
0180MG020BN 0180MG003BN 0180MG005BN 0180MG010BN 0180MG020BN 0180MG003P
0180MG010P 0180MG025P 0040MA010AM 0040MG010AM 0080MA010AM 0080MG010AM
0090MA010AM 0090MG010AM 0095MA010AM 0095MG010AM 0160MA010AM 0160MG010AM
0180MA010AM 0180MG010AM