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Filtration Group Premium SelectMahle Premium Select PI 3208 PS VST 10

Premium Select high performance disposable hydraulic filter media is used to filter hydraulic and lubrication fluids.

Chromium free metal endcaps resists corrosion and outer layer fleece wrap performs a pre filter function for trapping coarser media. The fleece wrap also holds the star pleated micro media beneath intact for continuous and efficient filtration. 

What you don’t see is the up to 30% increase in dirt holding capacity compared to conventional hydraulic filter elements. Premium Select hydraulic filter elements operate at a lower differential pressure which places less energy demands on machinery. Output performance is improved. This also lowers operating costs.

Inside the filter there are layers of progressive filtration media. The layers are coarse, medium, and fine fiberglass fabric. The progressive layers act like a depth filter and create higher dirt holding capacity. This means the filter elements need to be changed less often and that means lower maintenance costs. High quality stainless steel mesh supports the filter media on both sides so the media retains the optimal star pleated shape. Media collapse is prevented so surface integrity is maintained throughout the filter element. 

Premium Select filter media is available in 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20 micron according to ISO 16889. The media also performs at ISO 4409 (1999) >4 um / >6 um / >14 um. PS 3 micron 14/12/09: PS 6 micron 16/13/10: PS 10 micron 17/15/11: PS 16 micron 20/17/12: PS 25 micron 23/19/13.