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We off original Filtration Group filters, filter elements, filter housings and filter accessories used for filtering hydraulic and lubricating fluids in commercial and industrial filter applications. These filter products products can be found in Agriculture, Construction, Machining, Manufacturing and Transportation markets. Filter housings, replacement elements and contamination indicators are available for mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment.

The filter range includes low, medium and high pressure filters ranging from 6 bar to 63 bar. Flow rates range from 10 to 600 liters. Return, suction, suction return, and duplex filter assemblies are available to protect hydraulic systems. Duplex filter assemblies feature the ability to change filter elements while machinery is in operation. Equipment does not need to be shut down in order to changeout a contaminated filter cartridge or element.

Premium Select filter media uses a fleece type construction which allows the filter element to act as a depth filter. Coarse outer filter media captures coarse contamination that would clog finer filter media. Finer particles are allowed to pass and be captured by the finer media layers. Filter elements last longer and changeouts are not as frequent. This results in lower maintenance costs.

Spin-on filter cartridges are available paper and synthetic media. Synthetic media versions feature low micron ratings and are rated multiple pass.

Air breathers and contamination indicators are also available. Air breathers are used for ventilating hydraulic systems. Contamination indicators are used to determine when filter elements are no longer usable and must be replaced. They remove any guessing as to when filter elements need to be changed.

HC 34 Spin-on filter cartridge is replaced by PX37-13-2 MIC 10

Order number: 77504194

Rating: 160 liters per minute

Nominal Pressure: 16 bar

Filter Media: 10 micron

Filter Surface Area: 14025 cm2

Weight: 4.3 lbs.

Dimensions: OD: 143 mm | HT: 310 mm | Thread: 1-1/2 16

Replaced by Mahle PX37-13-2-MIC10