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Argo-Hytos V7.1460-06



Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your machinery with the V7.1460-06 Argo-Hytos  filter element. Engineered to perfection, this advanced filtration solution features Exapor 2 inorganic multi-layer microfiber web filter media, setting the standard for superior performance. With its larger filter surface area, this filter ensures exceptional dirt-holding capacity, enabling extended periods of uninterrupted operation.

Experience minimal pressure drop and optimized flow rates, thanks to the innovative design of the V7.1460-06 filter element. By reducing resistance to fluid flow, this filter promotes energy efficiency and enhances overall system performance.

Not only does the V7.1460-06 Argo_Hytos filter element  excel in efficiency, but it also boasts an impressive service life, providing long-lasting reliability and cost-effectiveness. Say goodbye to frequent filter replacements and enjoy uninterrupted operation with confidence.

Achieve unparalleled fluid cleanliness with the V7.1460-06 filter element, ensuring that your machinery operates at its peak performance levels. By effectively removing contaminants from hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and other industrial fluids, this filter safeguards critical components against wear and damage.

Trust in the proven reliability of Argo-Hytos technology to meet the demands of your toughest applications. Whether in industrial, manufacturing, or agricultural settings, the Argo-Hytos V7.1460-06  delivers consistent results, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.

Invest in the future of your machinery with the V7.1460-06  filter. Experience the benefits of enhanced dirt-holding capacity, minimal pressure drop, extended service life, and superior fluid cleanliness. Upgrade your filtration system today and elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency and productivity


Filter media rating  10 micron according to ISO  16889 multi pass test

Dirt holding capacity  270 grams according to ISO  16889 multi pass test

Flow rate   179.6 gallons per minute

Used with Argo-Hytos tank top mounted return-suction  filter  E 998-756

Country of origin: Germany

NMFC code:  069100-06

HTS Code:  8421290040

ISO  16889  International Standards Organization