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To inquire or purchase Argo Hytos Filters and Fluid and Motion Control products please contact us at the following:

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Argo FA016-1110 | Argo Filter Elements | Argo Hydraulic Filters | Argo Return-Suction Filters 

Argo RPE3-06 | Argo RPE4-10

Argo Hytos Filters Argo Hytos Filters

We offer original Argo Hytos Filters, filter elements, filter housings and filter accessories.  Our line offering also includes filter products from Donaldson, Eppensteiner, Hydac, Internormen, Mahle, Mann, MP Filtri, Pall, Parker, Purolator, Atlas Copco, and Ingersoll Rand.

Argo Hytos Filters include filter housings for low, medium, high pressure filters, off line filters, return filters, return suction filters, and suction filters. Argo filter elements are high quality and manufactured to meet market requirements for filtration performance and energy efficiency requirments. Argo Hytos has recently introduced the Exapor Max 2 filter media which features multi layered media for increased dirt holding capacity and filter performance over previous filter media. Argo is one of the few companies that publishes dirt holding capacity for its filter elements.

Fluid Management

Argo Hytos COPS 10 dewatering system seperates and removes free and dissolved water from hydraulic and lubricating oils. Offline filters and filter cooling units are available for cleaning lubricating oils and extending drain intervals. Oil service units like the Argo FA016-1110 are used to filter oils before installation to insure oil cleanliness at fine micron levels.     


Argo Hytos tank accessories include oil level dipsticks, oil level gauges, and oil drain valves. 

Fluid and Motion Control

Argo Hytos offers gear pumps, directional control valves, check valves, pressure valves, flow control valves, overcenter valves, proportional valves, hydraulic power packs, connecting plate and accessories to complete an extensive product offering.

To place an order or inquire about any Argo Hytos filters or Argo filter elements contact us at the following.

Tel: 904.437.2184 | Email: